Private Diving Services in Crete


Balos Divers are offering private services. This means that when you make your request we keep the date and times for you and we will not mix the group with other people or different level of participants. A certified scuba instructor will pay all the attention to you and your friend / family.

If there are more divers of different levels then another certified scuba instructor will be added to guide them on a proper and separate dive profile without spoiling your dive plan or program. This also means that in order to allow us make a proper dive plan for the day you must confirm written with an email or whatsapp message your participation from the previous day. In any other case there is no active reservation with us.

Please also keep in mind that for safety reasons no dives can happen with Balos Divers if there are winds stronger than 6 Beaufort Wind Force Scale or there is a sea state on the surface with waves larger than 1 meter.

Diving is serious and fun and we want to keep it this way for all our guests! We will respect the sea and the weather and we will cancel the activities. If it is our call then you will be fully refunded.

Thank you!

Scuba Experience (Theory, Practice & Single Dive) 90 €
Scuba Experience (Theory, Practice & Double Dive) 150 €
Scuba Experience (Theory, Practice & Single Boat Dive) 120 € (Min. 2 – Max 4)
Scuba Experience (Theory, Practice & Double Boat Dive) 180 € (Min. 2 – Max 4)

Single Beach Dive

65 €

Double Beach Dive

100 €

Beach Dive & Cavern Dive

120 €

Night Dive

100 €

Single Boat Dive

90 € (Min. 2 – Max. 4)

Double Boat Dive

150 € (Min. 2 – Max. 4)

Boat Dive & Cavern Boat Dive

180 € (Min. 2 – Max. 4)

Double Boat Dive in Balos & Gramvoussa Island

250 € (Min. 2 – Max. 4)

Swimming or Snorkeling Boat Tour

80 €

Swimming or Snorkeling Boat Tour in Balos & Gramvoussa

150 €


130 €

Scuba Diver

330 €

Open Water Diver

490 €

Advanced Open Water Diver

350 €

First Aid & Oxygen Provider

250 €

Rescue Diver

500 €

Master Scuba Diver

On Request

Divemaster (Pro Level)

On Request

Rent a
luxury boat

Besides scuba diving in Kissamos, we also provide boat rentals to have the opportunity to spend as much time as you wish in the deap blue Aegean sea.

Gulf of Kissamos is a beautiful place to explore with many hidden, small but exotic small beaches. Rent your own boat in Kissamos in an affordable price!

scuba diving in Kissamos - diving center in Kissamos

Contact Info

Kissamos, Chania, Crete
T: +30 6970 395 666
M: balosdivers[at]
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